emmy Curl Bio

emmy Curl is one of Catarina Miranda's heteronyms, she's a independent Portuguese musical artist living in Copenhagen. She is her own music producer, instrumentalist, video director, photographer and designer.


emmy’s work can only be understood in depth by regarding her artistic approach to visuals and sound. Her music is composed both in English and Portuguese and her sound goes beyond categories or styles. At her show you can listen to her singing alone with her classical nylon guitar skills and ethereal voice and then be surprised by the electronic background and choirs on the backing tracks.


She started producing her own music at fifteen at her father's basement using a Windows 98 with Logic Audio back in 2005, after that she became a success with her first EP that she released on Myspace, catching the eye of many agents and managers. She was from then working with other great Portuguese producers such as João André, Tó Pinheiro, Mário Barreiros, Quico Serrano, Andres Malta and Eurico Amorim,

And released three EPs: Birds Among the Lines, Origins and Cherry Luna. Cherry Luna was a conceptual and experimental electronic album influenced by NYC where all the vocal tracks were recorded with an iphone

Navia album comes in 2015, produced by João André, mixed by emmy.

In 2017 she decided to go back on her own producer skills. After all, such past gave her a much more deep understanding and technical development of sound and production, on her own. emmy Curl has released a new conceptual album called ØPorto in 2019, the fifteen tracks were written, recorded, produced and mixed by herself.