Born in the 90's  in a valley between two mountains, Catarina Miranda was raised in Vila Real, a small town in Portugal. The idyllic and pastoral surroundings inspired her work.

"I've had a professional visual and music career since 2005 when I was a young girl, just 15 years old. I grew up surrounded by art, poetry, and music in the middle of the mountains in north Portugal. Living in an incredible natural beauty, I nevertheless found myself isolated and distant from the rest of the world. I was a part of the generation that grew up with an entire novel global tool for communication: the World Wide Web. Ever since I started my artistic career, the Internet has empowered me to communicate my art with the world. An ongoing wish and drive mixed with a grounding experience of immense nature gave me the artistic make-up and  opportunity to explore a very singular, magical visual universe that I've embodied through singing, producing, and live performances. My most recent project has been to re-create and shape my visions, memories, and experience with Virtual Reality. Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, my art explores both my memories of the old mountains in Portugal and the old but now modernized Scandinavian city with all its charm, "hygge", and history."

She started her solo career as emmy Curl when she was fifteen years old. At the same time she was studying Photoshop, analog cameras, sewing clothes for the stage, designing scenarios, playing plays in experimental theater houses, producing choirs and choreographies. Collaborating with many other musicians such as Papercutz for about six years, Nina Miranda and having the likes of Louis Cole.

She has, overall, 15 years of music experience, 15 years of visual experience

and she's just starting to merge her art into VR (Videos).

Currently she lives in Denmark in Copenhagen where she's preparing an

visual/VR exposition and a emmy Curl tour for 2021.