Cherry Luna (Digital Album)

Cherry Luna (Digital Album)

While I was doing my first emmy Curl album pre-production, Cherry Luna came up with a different way of approaching music as I knew it. At the time , I realized that I couldn´t ignore that experience, and then I decided to give it a more particular attention .
It was in March that I traveled on business to New York, a period that has given me great inspiration for this work . It is indeed a concept album that portrays the city and industrialization . The rhythm part is hard and raw , inspired by the current dubstep and the classic trip- hop. Regarding the vocal aspect, the voices change often for harmonies that hardly arise if I was starting from the guitar composition. All these songs were born by the piano or the beat, which made me approach music that different way from my usual method .
There are two instrumental songs : one for travel, the other one for walking .
Lately , I do not travel by bus , something that used to inspire me to make my typical linear music. Today it is common for me to walk everywhere. I get to walk three miles a day , which makes me ask myself for a rytmic song style. And, indeed , this kind of music helps me get to the destination without realizing it .
 I present to you my last electronic inspired work from these last six months. I made it entirely, in my room , with great affection : Cherry Luna


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