emmy Curl - Navia

emmy Curl - Navia

released October 16, 2015

All music, lyrics and arragements by Emmy Curl
except dubstep arragement in "Night Sky" by Rafael Correia.

Recorded by João André at Sound Hill's Studio
Except vocals in "like the rain" by Andrés Malta

Produced by João André
Co-produced by Emmy Curl

Mixed by Emmy Curl
Assisted by Andrés Malta
Except "Come Closer" mixed by João André
and "Amory" mixed by Mário Barreiros

Mastered by Mário Barreiros at Estúdio do Mar

Artwork by Cat Rain and Vitor Enes
Design by Vitor Enes
Photography by Luís S. Tavares and Cat Rain

Voice and backing vocals by Emmy Curl
Guitars by Emmy Curl

Drums in "Dreams Made This Boat" and "March for Peace" by Gonçalo Lemos
Percussions by Hugo Danin
Percussion in "March for Peace" by Eurico Amorim
Saxophone by Paulo Gravato
Bass by João André
Synths by Eurico Amorim
Piano in "Volto da Primavera" by Vanessa Oliveira

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